The Oak Tree Chickens

Meet our chickens

At Oak Tree, we are incredibly lucky to have seven chickens who live in our school grounds. The chickens were hatched from eggs in May 2018, and have since grown into adult, egg-producing hens! The chickens have become a part of our school and our pupils enjoy caring for them, feeding them, and collecting their eggs. 


Ordering a box of Oak Tree Eggs 

Boxes of six eggs from our free-range, corn-fed hens can be purchased for the price of £2.50. All money raised from the sale of our eggs goes towards the purchase of food for our chickens. 

To order a box of Oak Tree Eggs, please complete an order form by clicking this link. Once the form has been submitted, a notification will be sent to a member of the Chicken Team. 

Oak Tree Primary School, Queens Road, Cheadle Hulme SK8 5HH