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Wider Curriculum

The Oak Tree Curriculum is underpinned by our core values and key aims which were developed by staff with contributions from children and parents. We want our children to learn in practical situations through fun, engaging and motivating experiences. Children are encouraged to pose and respond to their own questions in an environment where the teacher is the facilitator of a broad range of purposeful learning activities. We use our whole school environment as much as possible to focus on developing the whole child. All learning is underpinned by our Learning Behaviours which instil independence, resilience, challenge and accountability within learners, ultimately ensuring a sense of achievement for all. We are committed to developing the holistic child, preparing Oak Tree pupils for life in the 21st century world.


The Oak Tree Curriculum is designed to encourage, engage and motivate children’s accountability for their own learning. The curriculum underpinned by purposeful, relevant and meaningful learning experiences which allow for and ensure progression of skills. At Oak Tree we are committed to delivering a curriculum which ensures that all pupils aspire to be the very best they can be, becoming responsible, caring, empathetic individuals with the knowledge, skills and thirst to become successful life-long learners.



We strive to ensure that the curriculum overcomes all barriers to learning e.g social disadvantage, SEND, disability, EAL so that all pupils achieve their full potential. 



A curriculum that provides a range of opportunities to develop every child’s sense of what is possible for them to achieve now and in the future. We are committed to removing glass ceilings, helping all children aim high and achieve their end points.



Through a carefully mapped curriculum, children will build upon their knowledge and understanding and develop their skills to become successful citizens in modern Britain. This curriculum will support children’s growth into responsible and emotionally literate citizens with a sense of what is right.



We actively promote cross-curricular learning; teachers ensure that learning skills and strategies are applied across the whole curriculum. Learning at Oak Tree is underpinned by first-hand, rich experiences and, where possible, we enjoy creating our own sense of ‘awe and wonder’ in school. Each term, we ensure that our children access learning experiences outside of the school environment by providing educational visits to enhance and embed knowledge and skills. At the heart of our curriculum is the link between home and school. We share weekly learning via our blog so that parents can see what and how we have been learning and we promote the value of homework to enhance learning progression.


We have carefully mapped out our curriculum striking a balance between the acquisition and retention of knowledge and the development of children’s skills which continually build, strengthen and deepen connections, thus helping to develop children as life-long learners with a passion and ability to make links and question.


Our Quality First Teaching standard developed with staff embodies our curriculum approach. 

  • Moving Children on with embedded learning. Through developing skills, building on prior knowledge and acquiring new connections “Diving Deeper, Lingering Longer”.
  • Children are willing to challenge themselves: they are resilient, have stamina and are reflective.
  • Develop a Feedback Culture where children are encouraged to become reflective learners.
  • Staff develop positive relationships with children, parents and other parents. Staff understand the importance of relationships and are working to develop a restorative approach.
  • There is a positive climate in the classroomThe learning environment is stimulating, exciting, tidy, well-organised and fit for purpose.
  • Our school is an inclusive school. All staff understand what inclusion means and ensure all children have access to all areas of the curriculum. 
  • Disadvantaged children are making rapid and accelerated progress throughout the curriculum.
  • Children with SEND are well supported and make progress towards their individual targets throughout the curriculum.
  • Our children are prepared for life in Modern Britain.



Our mission is to ensure that every pupil who enters our school leaves at the end of Key Stage Two (KS2) at the Age-Related Expectation (ARE) for all subjects within The National Curriculum. Furthermore, we want to ensure that our children develop into aspirational, successful young people with a deep understanding of our Oak Tree Values, to be safe in the knowledge that they are confident, well-rounded people who are ready for secondary education and later life. 


Children’s knowledge, understanding and progress across all subject areas as well as their desire and ability to learn will be measured by:

  • Lesson Observations
  • Learning Walks       
  • Pupil Voice    
  • Book Scrutinies                  
  • Mutual observations      
  • Performance Data          
  • External critical friends     
  • Collaborative research projects




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