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We will organise our learning through the themes of ‘ME’, ‘AUTUMN’ and ‘FESTIVALS’.


Communication & Language

We will use language in lots of different ways – following instructions, talking to our friends and the grown-ups, listening to stories, and making up our own stories using Tales Toolkit. We will enjoy singing lots of Nursery Rhymes too!


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

There are lots of new routines and rules to learn about as we settle into Nursery. We will be developing relationships with our new friends and the grown-ups. As we get to know the Nursery environment, we will be learning to be more independent – choosing our activities and selecting the resources we need, and then tidying away afterwards! When we want to play outside, we will be having a go at putting on our coats and wellies by ourselves.


Physical Development

We will be having great fun exploring the outdoor area – running, jumping, using planks, crates and reels to balance on, kicking, throwing and catching large balls. We will use our large muscles to draw with chalk, paint with water and dig mud! We will also visit the Adventure Playground! Indoors, we will be developing manipulation and control with different materials and tools, such as threading beads, picking up small items with tweezers, snipping paper with scissors, making marks with pencils, crayons, felt tips and paint. As well as manipulating dough in the Malleable Area, we will be developing fine and gross motor dexterity and hand-eye coordination when we join in with 'Dough Disco'.



We will enjoy joining in with nursery rhymes and listening to stories and sharing books with an adult and our friends. We will have great fun with familiar stories such as ‘The Gruffalo’ as we join in with repeated words and phrases. We will become storytellers with 'Tales Toolkit', when we role-play and in the Small World area. We will be learning to discriminate sounds when we begin Phase One phonics, going on a Listening walk, using musical instruments and body percussion. We will be especially listening out for rhyming words. We will start to learn how to write our names, making marks to begin with as we develop control.



We will recite numbers as part of everyday play. We will recognise, name and match colours. We will be sorting by various attributes, such as colour, size or pattern. We will be continuing ABAB patterns (e.g. red, yellow, red, yellow). Every day we will name the day and will use the visual timetable to sequence our day. We will join in with number rhymes such as ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’ and will count a small amount of objects. We will make pictures with circles, triangles, squares and rectangles and will build with 3D shapes. We will make comparisons relating to size.


Understanding the World

We will record the weather on our chart every day. We will be sharing photos and talking about our families. We will talk about the different festivals our families and the people in our community celebrate. We will explore and talk about collections of leaves, conkers, acorns and other autumn finds. We will notice different forces with guttering with water, boats and cars.


Expressive Arts and Design

We will draw a picture of ourselves. We will make up stories in the small word area and take part in role-play. We will find autumn leaves and use them to create prints. We will play musical instruments and sing and dance. We will explore colour and will have the opportunity to create mandalas for Diwali. We will build in the Construction Area and outdoors.


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