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History is assessed in a variety of ways at Oak Tree. Embedded in our teaching are a variety of AfL strategies and summative assessments (e.g. quizzes, flashbacks and checkpoints) to check retention, address misconceptions and secure key points in learning. Children review their learning at the end of a unit by completing the ‘know it’ section of their oak sheets and answering the enquiry question in a variety of ways to showcase their new knowledge and understanding. Teachers have high expectations of all pupils and, as a result, all pupils continually produce work of a high standard. Teachers use the knowledge and skills documents to design these assessments and make their end of year judgements which are recorded for every child. 


Teaching and learning is evaluated using a triangulation of evidence from a cycle of monitoring activities completed by the subject lead and other members of SLT. This includes book looks, lesson observations, drop-ins and pupil/teacher voice opportunities. Our curriculum is regularly reviewed and  CPD is tailored to enhance quality teaching and to continue to develop the subject inline with the most recent educational research.


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