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Lacrosse Y1-6

We are very lucky to have a fantastic link with Cheadle Lacrosse Club, who come in every Friday and teach our Lacrosse Club. They are under the instruction of Chris Peacock, our great coach, who enjoys taking the children through skill drills and game activities. This club is open to Years 1-6.



Lacrosse is a really fun sport and helps develop a range of skills: 

  • Lacrosse teaches incredible hand-eye coordination, stick handling and ball handling skills

  • Lacrosse forces you to play with your head up and to be aware of your surroundings

  • Lacrosse teaches dynamic physical creativity - jukes, fakes, fades, running dodges 

  • Lacrosse players learn to make fast transitions from offense to defense and vice versa

  • Lacrosse reinforces the importance of quickness and agility around a net or scoring area

  • Lacrosse reinforces positional play and reading the other team’s actions, even when the player doesn’t have the ball

  • Lacrosse players learn to be scorers by shooting in traffic and being comfortable in close

  • Lacrosse stresses team-play strategies such as motion offense, picks, give and go’s, stacks, triangles, presses and screens 


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