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DEAL (Drama)

What is DEAL?

D.E.A.L stands for Drama, Engagement and Active Learning and is an approach to teaching that immerses the children in a narrative in order to further develop their understanding and ignite their curiosity. By working collaboratively, the children will not only secure their understanding but will also develop communication and interaction skills as well as improve confidence. 


Our DEAL Vision Statement for Oak Tree

"To facilitate a creative curriculum in which children can actively take risks, deepen their understanding and engage with their peers as part of a classroom community."



At Oak Tree Primary School, we believe that children should be immersed within narrative worlds in order to deepen their understanding whilst developing their enquiry and critical thinking skills. Through quality discussion, drama and interaction children will be exposed to a wide range of vocabulary that will both secure understanding and enrich their writing. Through interactive and immersive sessions, children will be engaged as thinking, feeling and physical learners within a creative context and be inspired and engaged within the curriculum. 



At Oak Tree Primary School, we predominantly use DEAL as a strategy to support writing. DEAL strategies will be used to engage children when a new writing unit is introduced. Using strategies that promote dialogue and discussion, new vocabulary will be introduced in a purposeful context that allows children to understand its meaning with purpose. In order to develop imagination and creative responses within the children, teachers will facilitate a range of strategies throughout a writing unit to strengthen the children's ideas in independent writing. Allowing the children to drive the decision making within the drama, enables them to move the learning on in a way that is both personal and purposeful to them. 



The impact of DEAL within our curriculum will be assessed through evidence in our independent pieces of writing. Our pupils will be using ambitious and extensive vocabulary in a context that is both correct and appropriate. Through regular use, the children will be aware of the range of DEAL strategies available and will be able to engage with them confidently and positively. Children will become more confident speakers, developing oracy and language and will be able to engage with a wide range of learners. Creative thinking will flourish through well structured narratives that allow children to not only engage but also facilitate through active decision making. Children will develop their emotional understanding and become empathic learners who are able to identify with and understand the experiences of others. 


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