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Our topics for Summer are Growing and The Beach!


In Communication and Language Development we will continue to develop our speaking and listening skills. We will begin to speak in longer sentences and ensure we are taking turns when sharing our thoughts and ideas. We will continue learning a variety of nursery rhymes and songs.


In Personal, Social and Emotional Development we will continue to encourage the children to talk about their feelings and emotions. We will be working on how to resolve conflicts when they occur without always needing an adult. The children will also begin to think about changes as we start transition work ready for their move into Reception. We will be working hard to build our resilience and independence to become 'Reception Ready!'.


In Physical Development we will continue to work on our pencil and scissor grip. We will continue with our name-writing practise and begin to explore new letters too! We will  develop our gross motor skills by doing lots of outdoor climbing, running, throwing and catching. As the days get warmer, we will be transporting water and digging in the soil. We will continue to build our hand muscles through our 'Dough Disco' activities and 'Squiggle while you Wiggle' videos.  


In Literacy we will continue to explore new vocabulary from our variety of exciting stories. In phonics, we will be work on identifying an object based on the initial sound. The children will be tuning their ears into sounds. We will be introducing the tales toolkit to the children where together we have to compose a simple story. We will be introducing the tales toolkit to the children where together we have to compose a simple story. 


In Maths we will be consolidating our knowledge of numbers to 6 and beyond. We will represent these numbers on a five and ten frame. We will continue to 'say what we see' when subitising different numbers. As we begin to move lots of our maths learning outside,  we will be exploring key mathematical language linked to weight, capacity and position. 


In Understanding the World we will be talking about the changes involved in growing. We will look at growth in animals, people and plants. We will be learning about how to take care of things when helping them to grow. The children will be planting beans and looking at the life-cycles of different animals. We will be learning about worms and why they are important for our soil. We will even making our own wormery! We will also be exploring seasonal changes linked to summer and thinking about what happens to our bodies when we feel hot!


In Expressive Arts and Design we will be doing lots of seasonal art including making representations of the beach using sand, shells and pebbles. As our confidence grows, we will continue to role-play a variety of different stories introduced through our 'Magic Story Box'. 


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