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Our topic for the Autumn term is JETSETTERS


In English we will be writing instructions to help Rose Revere explain how to use her marvellous inventions. Later in the term we will be reading the books Emma Jane's Aeroplane and Coming to England. We will be writing diaries in role as the characters. We will be learning to use the first person, past tense and expanded noun phrases.


In Maths we will be looking at place value. We will be using inequality symbols, value of numbers and using a range of materials to support this. We will also be looking at addition and subtraction, using a range of materials and methods to support us.


As Geographers we will be finding out about the continents and oceans. We will be locating the key parts of the British Isles and locating where famous people, such as Amy Johnson are from. We will be learning about the compass points and creating our own compasses! We will also be finding out about the differences between human and physical geography and learning to use OS maps. 


As Historians we will be finding out about the history of flight. This will include Amy Johnson's life, airplanes and airports! Did you know the Wright brothers were the first to fly a plane? We will be finding out more about their lives and this historic event. We will be using a range of primary and secondary sources to help us find out about and sequence historical events. 


As Scientists we will be finding out about materials. We will be developing our vocabulary associated with different materials and will be using this to link to our topic work. We will also be developing our investigative skills by researching what would be the best materials to make different elements of a plane. 


As Computer specialists (in Computing) we will be learning all about algorithms. First we will be investigating what they are and how they work, before creating some of our own. We will also look at popular games from over the years and how the algorithms control how they work.


As Musicians we will be learning about the length of different notes and what they look like. We will be working hard to keep to rhythms and will be finding out about different styles of music. We will be utilising musical vocabulary, including tempo, pitch and dynamic to describe and appraise music. 


As Artists we will be creating artwork using pastels. We will be finding out about the Artist Van Gogh and recreating some of his work using this medium. We will be paying special attention to how he used colours to create different times of day and seasons. 


In RE we will be finding out how to care for people of all religions. We will then move on to finding out more about people of the Jewish faith, including some of their beliefs, traditions and celebrations. 


As Engineers (in DT) we will be creating our own Challah bread to meet a brief. This will link with our RE work.


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