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At Oak Tree, the teaching of Beliefs, Values and Worldviews reflects the overall aims, values and philosophy of the school. We follow the Stockport Agreed Syllabus of 2022 and the accompanying Scheme of Work. In line with the school’s approach to the wider curriculum delivery, Beliefs, Values and Worldviews is enquiry based, each term’s learning posed to the children in the form of a question which aims to challenge their thinking.


In the EYFS children learn about ‘Beliefs, Values and Worldview’s through their ‘Personal, Social and Emotional’ development and their ‘Understanding of the World’. Continuous provision activities, discussions during discrete carpet sessions and incidental conversations for example during story time, all provide the opportunities for teaching this subject area. Reception also follow the locally agreed syllabus of work to ensure progression and transition into KS1. 


Across KS1 and KS2, the children explore the three strands of ‘Believing’, ‘Expressing’ and ‘Living’ in relation to different faiths including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Humanism. The strands help the children to remember key concepts, express them in different ways of knowing and use them to develop personal viewpoints and opinions. Pupils explore key questions throughout the year, which have been carefully organised to help the children know more and remember more ensuring a smooth progression and acquisition of knowledge from one year group to the next. Vocabulary for individual year groups is taught and gathered into a glossary at the back of the RE books to ensure progression and coverage.


We encourage our pupils to share their experiences and to learn from one another. Comparisons between different faiths and beliefs are actively encouraged and, as such, the children are able to develop the depth of their knowledge and understanding in engaged and engaging ways, involving open enquiry, lively debate and, wherever possible, first-hand experiences, both in and out of school.


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