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At Oak Tree, we pride ourselves on making decisions that have a positive impact on our immediate community and further afield. In 2021, we launched our Re:uniform scheme, to recycle, reuse and rehome items of school clothing that are no longer needed by our families but are still fit for purpose.


Since our launch, we have worked with David Luke to create a promotional video to inspire re:uniform schemes across the country, hosted numerous sales events, supported countless Oak Tree families, sent our surplus uniform as aid to disadvantaged counties and raised over £400 which has then been put back into our school by funding school council projects.


Any future donations made will fund transport to and from Cheadle Manor care home, so we can continue to strengthen our bonds with the community and create invaluable intergenerational links for our pupils.


How it works:

Each half term we will collect uniform, sort out the collection and then have a uniform resale!


2nd week of each half term: we will collect in your donations during this week

3rd week of each half term: all collections will be organised

Final week of each half term: re:uniform sale event will be hosted 


Throughout the year, we will let you know of any seasonal collections we will be having, where we are looking for specific items to be donated!


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