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At Oak Tree Primary School we offer an inclusive, inspiring and technologically challenging curriculum, which develops transferable skills in programming, word processing and data analysis, enabling children to be successful and safe in the technological world. Through computer science, which underpins the whole of the subject, children are provided with foundational knowledge required to understand and interpret the other areas of the Computing. Information technology provides a context for the use of computers in society, both enabling children to explore how technology is used in the wider world and also utilising a range of hardware and software to analyse data and manipulate digital artefacts. Finally, digital literacy is taught across all of our Computing units and provided children with the skills and knowledge required to be an effective, safe and discerning user of a range of computer systems.


Our curriculum develops both declarative knowledge (‘knowing that’) and procedural knowledge (‘knowing how’). These are identified, sequenced and connected in the curriculum, as can be seen through our progression of learning, shared in the long term plans. Skilful use of technology is underpinned by both procedural and declarative knowledge, making learning ‘real’ and interactive for the children, preparing them for the increasingly digital world and workplace.



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