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Home Safety

Home safety

As you grow, you will become more able to help with day-to-day jobs and can learn to take more responsibility for yourself, but there are safe behaviours that you need to learn alongside your growing independence.


  • Water and electricity don’t mix: never to take electrical appliances into the bathroom.
  • If you’re helping in the kitchen, carry scissors and knives pointing downwards, use oven gloves and don’t leave anything cooking unattended.
  • Keep your toys out of reach of younger brothers or sisters – especially if they have small or dangerous parts (parents: bear in mind that children might forget, so always keep an eye on younger children yourself).
  • Sit down when you’re eating so you chew and swallow properly, and be careful when you’re eating chewing gum, ice cubes and sweets, as you could easily choke on them.
  • Never put small items in your mouth, especially button batteries and magnets: they can be really dangerous if you swallow them accidentally.
  • Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that every age group should be aware of. 


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