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Animal Safety

Animal safety

Animals and children can have a special bond, but any animal – even one you know well – could turn on you if they feel threatened.

It’s important that you know how to treat animals with respect, whether they’re a family pet or one you've never met before.


  • Play gently with your pet, rather than pulling ears or tails, climbing, or lying on them, or taking a toy when they’re playing with it. You could throw a toy for them to play with, or teach them a trick like rolling over or shaking paws.
  • Don’t disturb an animal when they're eating, sleeping, having a treat or playing with a special toy or blanket.
  • Never go up to a dog you don’t know, for example in the park, even if it looks friendly.
  • If you’ve been feeding an animal, helping to pick up their poop or clean their cage, or have been at a farm, zoo or petting zoo, wash your hands well with soap and water.


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