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Concerns, Compliments & Feedback


As a school, even though our aim to make sure that every child in our community is safe and happy, we are aware that there may be times when you need to speak to a member of our team to discuss a concern. 


This may be an issue relating to a range of different things from communication between school and home, your child maybe unhappy in class or you may have concerns about the curriculum.


We endeavour to try and deal with any concerns as quickly as we can and resolve the issue so that  you are completely satisfied. Depending on the nature of your concern, we urge you to use the most appropriate channel of communication by following the order below:


1. First, speak to the class teacher. If you still feel that your issue hasn't been addressed then-

2. Contact a member of the Senior Leadership Team (Mr Martindale, Mrs Unsworth-Scott, Mrs Collier or Mrs Scott) this can be through a formal meeting made through contacting the office or more informally on the gate in the afternoon

3. Finally, make an appointment with the Head Teacher- Mrs Slater


If you feel that your concern still hasn't been resolved then please refer to our complaints policy below.

Complaints Procedure


We endeavour to make your child's time at school the very best. Our staff go above and beyond and it is lovely to hear positive feedback. Please contact the office, using the form below.

Contact the office here:


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