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Welcome to R.O.O.T.S. Representatives of Oak Tree School; the name for our Parent Teacher Association (PTA).  As a parent/carer of a child at Oak Tree you become an automatic member of R.O.O.T.S and are welcome to attend meetings where we discuss and share fundraising ideas, and agree in collaboration with the schools Senior Management Team ideas on how our fundraising money should be spent.


We are a friendly, lively and dynamic group, some are full-time parents, some work part-time, and many work full-time, all sharing the same commitment to supporting our school and its pupils by raising money to buy those little extras for OUR children.  None of us are experts in fundraising but we all play our part in working together as a team. 


The meetings and organisation of events can only be successful if they are supported  well.  Over the years we have raised thousands of pounds to enrich and enhance the school lives of our children.  We have purchased outdoor play equipment, chrome books, and visualisers (which are used in the classrooms to encourage a more interactive learning experience) as well as smaller items including book bags for all of our children joining us in reception, prizes for children's competitions and soft wear packages to support PSHE (personal, Social, Health Education) learning to list just a few.  We are reliant on and want to encourage more members to take part and donate their time. You may only be able to give an hour to help on a stall at a fair, or supervise at a disco, some jobs can even be done from the comfort of your home, like folding raffle tickets or updating our facebook page!  If you have a little more time, you may even like to take on the running of one of our events, don’t worry, coming to one of our meetings does not mean you are signed up for life!


How can you help?

  • Come along to ROOTS Meetings to share your ideas on how best to fundraise and also have your say on how we spend the money;
  • volunteer to be a Class rep;
  • volunteer to help with the organisation of events;
  • When online shopping you can donate to ROOTS at the same time by using All you have to do is register, nominate Oak Tree Primary School as your designated beneficiary.  You then shop as normal using your normal online retailers who in turn pay a commission to us;
  • Just come along and support the events!


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