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Cheerleading Y2

Miss Walters (Reception teacher) leads our Cheerleading club for Y2 children. Miss Walters was a cheerleader when she was at school and now successfully leads the club on a Tuesday in the Spring and Summer terms.


We have lots of opportunities to perform throughout the year, including in assemblies and at the Summer Fair.




Being active and achieving new skills while teammates cheer you on is something every child can be proud and excited about, hopefully they’ll come out of the gym smiling and desperate to tell you which new stunt they tried today every session. This is a recreational squad, they’ll also be absolutely no pressure to gain skills so they can develop at their own pace.


Engaging in sport chelps to promote development of their bones and muscles as well as their cognitive skills as they learn to move their body in new ways. The strength and flexibility they gain will not only benefit them in any other sport they play but regular stretching can also help to prevent injury. As a team sport and welcoming environment cheerleading will hopefully encourage children to love sport.


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