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Road Safety

Road safety

At some stage, you might not hold a grown up's hand and want more  independence around roads, including walking or cycling to school alone.


  • Paths and pavements are for people – roads are for traffic. The safest places to cross are underpasses, footbridges, traffic light crossings, zebra crossings and with a lollipop person.
  • (For younger children) Hold a grown-up’s hand near roads and don’t let go. Stop straight away if you’re told to.
  • When you need to cross a road, follow the Green Cross Code together: think where it’s safe to cross, stop, look and listen, wait for any traffic to pass and then check again – arrive alive!
  • When you get out of the car, get out on the pavement side if you can.
  • Always wear your seatbelt in the car, and if you’re travelling by bus, minibus or coach, if there is one.
  • Always wear a helmet if you’re on your bike or scooter.
  • If you’re out in the winter or in the dark, wear bright or reflective clothing so you can be seen.


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