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Whole School Overview

The grammar overview ensures that all grammar in the National Curriculum is covered. Grammar skills are split into the year groups, but teachers can choose which grammar objectives to link to which genres and texts. This document is used by teachers to inform their planning and is used in book looks to ensure all grammar skills are being taught at the correct level. .


Children are exposed to high quality examples of punctuation and grammar in the context of their Literacy genre and are always provided with the opportunity to apply this learning into their own writing, either through their structured or independent writing, through the editing process or through cross-curricular links in other topics. Boosting vocabulary and exposing children to new, ambitious and wide-ranging words is an important part of the curriculum. Throughout spelling sessions, children are exposed to a variety of spelling rules, learning their morphology and etymology. Within their topic curriculum, children are provided with topic word mats and create glossaries of key vocabulary in the back of their topic books. They will spend time exploring the meaning of words, its usage and its application throughout their learning in wider curriculum subjects. 

Click below to see our Y1-Y6 grammar overview: 


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