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Our summer topic is: The Anglo- Saxons and Scots 

In English, we will be reading, writing and performing choral poetry as well as investigating biographies and auto biographies and writing our own. We will be learning about present perfect tense, determiners, rhyme and prepositions. We will be improving our understanding of a range of sentence structures and our use of a range of conjunctions to extend our ideas. After half term, we will then explore stories from imaginary worlds, looking at a range of figurative and descriptive language to immerse the reading in our writing. Finally we will end the year looking at persuasive arguments based on 'There's an Orangutan in my bedroom'.  

In maths, we will continue to explore fractions and the connection with division and multiplication. We will learn to add and subtract fractions, including mixed numbers, find equivalent fractions and learn how fraction, decimals and percentages are all parts of a whole. We will then learn about 10th and 100ths as decimal numbers and how to partition, compare and order decimals, linked to money. After half term, we will revise our understanding of time and learn to convert between analogue, digital and 24 hour clock. Then we will move to our geometry unit exploring  properties of shape including angles, symmetry, coordinates and translation. 

As geographers, we will be learning about the rainforests, deforestation and the impact of global warming on the planet. We will investigate sustainability including where our food comes from. 

As historians, we are learning about the Saxons, Scots, Jutes and Angles' invasion of the British Isles after the withdrawal of the Roman Empire. We will explore Anglo-Saxon life, their culture and settlements, including the archaeological evidence left at Sutton Hoo. We will also look at the lasting impact of their occupation of Britain and explore the spread of Christianity. 

As scientists, we will explore sound, identifying how sounds are made, including understanding the connection between vibrations and how we hear. We will investigate patterns found between the pitch of sound and the features of the object that produced it, linking this to volume. We will then learn about living things and their habitats by exploring how they can be grouped and classified in different ways, learn about the human impact on habitats and identify living organisms in the local and wider environment.

As computer specialists, we will be meteorologists! We will be using our brand new green screen to create our own weather reports which will include analysing data, predicting the weather and preparing and delivering a TV style forecast. We will then be bloggers and learn what blogs are and how they are formed and edited. We will also learn more about keeping safe online. 

As artists, we will be using mixed media to create a scene in the style of Klimt, Brown and Kandinsky. We will explore different media, equipment and brushes to develop colour mixing and painting techniques.

In RE, we will explore how rules are embedded into religion, specially Christianity and Judaism and we will also explore how non-religious people decide what is right or wrong. 

As engineers, (in DT) we will using our construction skills to combine materials in a variety of ways to build a bird house. We will look at and use a range of joins and tools to find the most stable and structurally sound design. 

As musicians, we will continue to look at changes in pitch, tempo and dynamics as we create and perform an ostinato with percussion instruments. Following on, we will be introduced to samba and carnival sounds and instruments, learning to play syncopated rhythms.

As linguists, in French lessons we will be learning how to order many different snacks and drinks in a French tea room. We will be building on our knowledge of French phonics to improve our pronunciation and work on role plays which also incorporate language needed to greet, thank and pay.

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