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Our Topic will be Swords and Sovereigns.


In English, we will be looking at the book 'The Paper Bag Princess' and retelling this traditional tale. We will then look at the story 'Ossiri and the Bala Mengro' and come up with our own traditional tale linked to this story. In Spring 2 we focus on biographies, using the story 'The Emperor of Absurdia' as a stimulus text. Throughout the term, we will continue to embed capital letters and full stops, while learning to use past tense verbs, adjectives and the conjunction 'and'.   


In Maths, we will begin the term developing our understanding of place value within 20 and challenging ourselves to compare and order 2 digit numbers.  We will continue our learning of addition and subtraction to 20, using a range of practical resources and methods to support us.  Later in the Spring term, we will explore place value to 50 and begin comparing and measuring lengths, height, mass and volume using standard (cm) and non standard units of measure (cubes). 


As Historians we will be learning about one of the biggest revolts our country has ever seen! We will be learning all about Guy Fawkes and his involvement in the Gunpowder plot, an unsuccessful plan to blow up Westminster Palace with King James I and Parliament inside. We also explore the role of a monarch and look at some of the monarchs that have sat on the throne of this country.


As Scientists we will learn all about materials.  We will be developing our vocabulary associated with different materials and will be using this to link to our topic work. We will learn to name some common materials that can be found around school and begin to describe some of their properties. We will also be developing our investigative skills by researching what would be the best materials to make a flag for our castles.


As Computer specialists (in Computing) we will cover 2 topics. Our first is 'We are publishers'. In this topic we will create a multimedia book using the Book Creator app. This links to our English as we will use this software to publish a piece of our writing. In Spring 2 our topic is 'We are rhythmic' in this topic we will be creating sound patterns in Scratch Jr and Garageband.


In DT we will be exploring and using mechanisms.  We will look closely how a drawbridge works and how they are made.  This will help us design, make and modify our own working drawbridge for our castle, using mechanisms such as levers and sliders.


As Artists we will be exploring textures to use in our own collage. Using the artist  Eileen Downes as our inspiration, we will focus on how we can create different textures to use as a layer in our collage.


In RE we will continue our work from Autumn 2, exploring the question, 'Who is a Christian and what do they believe?'. We will learn about how Christians use Bible teachings to inform the way they live, as well as exploring prayer and worship. We will then move onto our next topic which is called 'What makes some places sacred?'. We will be looking at different holy places, comparing these, as well as learning the difference between 'special' and 'sacred'.




Here are some websites that you might find useful:

Top marks - counting maths games and number bonds to 10 games


Phonics Play - a mixture of phonics games that help practise blending, segmenting and sound/letter recognition


My Maths - a login code will be provided by your class teacher


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