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Provision for Pupils with SEND

At Oak Tree,  we ensure all our pupils have access to a high quality history curriculum, including those with SEND. Our provision triangles ensure support at the right level for each individual.


History SEND Provision Triangle

Keeping our expectations high: teachers have the same aspirations for all students. Students are encouraged to access the same objectives as their peers and are given support by the TA/T and/or through the use of resources such as visual aids, scaffolds, prompts, vocabulary banks etc. The aim is to support any pupil with SEND to be included, achieve and make progress.

No ability groups: mixed ability and flexible grouping allows for collaborative learning, peer support and extension. Children may be moved to groups according to their knowledge and understanding of the specific substantive and disciplinary knowledge and concepts being covered. Flashbacks, key questions and AfL techniques ensure support is swift and purposeful.  We foster success in all pupils.

Communication-friendly classrooms: This benefits all our children. The Department for Education noted that speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) is now the most prevalent area of SEND, accounting for 23 per cent of needs. The language of learning can be technical, can be specific and can be completely unintelligible to a growing number of our children with communication difficulties. We create a positive atmosphere where it is normal and accepted to ask for help and make mistakes. Strong teacher questioning, use of sentence stems and the development of articulate, succinct answers with specific technical vocabulary, all support our pupils with SEND.

Range of learning opportunities: We use replica artefacts and a range of sources, VAK and contextualised learning, visits, workshops and other enrichment opportunities.

Use of technology: ensuring accessibility for all, engagement, a multi-sensory approach and different ways of recording.

The 9 Protected Characteristics and British Values

The 9 Protected Characteristics are embedded throughout our curriculum. We have ensured our curriculum reflects our multicultural society and supports learning about a wide range of cultures, societies and civilisations in the past. Links have been made explicit on our knowledge and skills documents to ensure breadth of coverage of the 9 Protected Characteristics and British Values. For example, the role of women and enslavement are themes throughout the curriculum.



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