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Useful Vocabulary

5 a day – an easy way to remember how many portions of fruit and veg you must have in a day!

Calories – the amount of energy that a food has; if you eat too many calories, your body can’t burn it all off as energy during the day, and it can turn into fat

Carbohydrates – a large part of a balanced diet to give energy and fibre; includes breads, pasta and potatoes

Diet – the name for all of the food that you eat

Enzymes – help to break down food to help the body absorb the nutrients

Exercise – all kinds of activity that helps keep your body fit and healthy

Fats – a source of energy, and something that helps the body absorb certain nutrients; you only need a small amount of fat in a balanced diet

Food label – a little guide on each kind of food you buy that shows what’s good and bad about it; traffic lights tell you if it’s got good (green) amount of salt, an okay (yellow) amount of sugar, or a bad (red) amount of fat

GDA – stands for ‘guideline daily amount’, the amount of each food group that is recommended for keeping healthy

Nutrient – compounds in foods that are essential for health and provide us with energy

Vitamins – one of the body’s essential nutrients; vitamins can be found in fruits, vegetables, meats, grains and dairy products


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