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Summer Term

Summer One:


This half term, some of our older communication team members had a very exciting opportunity! We were asked to partner up with our uniform providers, David Luke, to create a promo video for our Re:uniform scheme. The communication team members were fantastic in promoting our fantastic scheme and showed professionalism, excitement and enthusiasm - they especially loved getting the microphones attached to them! It was an incredibly proud moment to watch how brilliantly they were completing this new and out of the ordinary task!


Our key meeting questions this term asked the pupils what clubs they would like to have available to them at school, Lego club was the winning choice and this will hopefully be able to begin next year! We also asked the pupils of Oak Tree what they felt was the most important thing to focus on in 2022, in which they responded looking after our planet and not doing anymore damage to it - the communications team felt this was incredibly important too and really links in with our Re:uniform scheme! We will be looking into how we can promote protecting our planet next year.


Summer 2:


This half term, the communication team met to decide what we should do with the money we had raised so far at the Re:uniform events. We looked at the different suggestions pupils had made during class meetings, there were so many fantastic ones that it was hard to choose, but one suggestion, that had come up from a few different pupils, really struck a chord with our council members. The pupils at Oak Tree had suggested that we should do something to ensure playtimes are inclusive and enjoyable for all pupils, we have so many new pupils at Oak Tree and some children who have not really experienced a year at school outside of lockdown until now, we also discussed how some children find it harder to make friends or that often they want to make new friends and play with a variety of children across the school. We started to map out the different ways we could provide a space for these children to go to so that they could be included in, and learn, new games with new children, or a place to mend any friendships that have faced a minor bump. The council members came up with the brilliant idea of friendship benches!


They then met with Mrs Slater, armed with many questions of how they could make their new project a reality, they were very professional in the meeting and asked all the right questions, they took great notes and made an action plan!


We are now raising money in different ways so that we can purchase the benches in 2022-23 and create a space for children to go to, to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable playtime!


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