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Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger

Children need to know that any person they don’t know could be dangerous, even if they’re female or ‘look nice’. You also need to know what to do if you get lost in public.


  • Don’t take sweets or presents from a stranger (unless you’re with a trusted grown-up and they say it’s okay).
  • Never get into a car with a stranger or go off with them.
  • Stay with your friends if you go out to the park or shop or for a walk without a grown-up.
  • It’s okay to break the rules if you think you’re in danger: for example, you could shout, scream, kick or run away.
  • Some people are ‘safe strangers’, like police, paramedics and shop assistants. If you need help you can ask one of these people: you can tell who they are because they’re wearing a uniform.
  • You can also go into ‘safe buildings’ if you’re feeling anxious, like a doctor’s surgery, library, supermarket or post office.
  • If you get lost, stay where you are rather than going to find your grown-up: this will make it easier for them to retrace their steps and find you.
  • Practise saying your name, address and phone number so you can tell a safe adult if you get lost.


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