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Sports Ambassadors

Sports Ambassadors

Sports Ambassadors at Oak Tree Primary School are chosen from our Year 5 students through an application process.


The prospective ambassadors fill out an application form, detailing their strengths and qualities that suit the role and then they are chosen by Miss Farnsworth and Miss Walters. Successful ambassadors are then accompanied by Miss Farnsworth to a training session at the beginning of the Spring term, where they learn all about how to be a sports ambassador; increasing participation and healthy lifestyles in school, being a role model for PE and school sports, being a voice for PE and sport in our school and promoting the Olympic and Paralympic values. Throughout the year, the Sports Ambassadors help Miss Farnsworth and Miss Walters in a number of ways, including running competitions and helping to organise and run Sports Day.


This is what some of our children think about being Sports Ambassadors.


"I'm really excited to get to work with other children"

"I want to help other children through sport"

 "I like helping the younger children to play sports"

 "It's fun to go to other schools and meet them and see what they do"


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