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Our topic for the Autumn term is CRIME and PUNISHMENT.


In English we will be immersing ourselves in 'The Tunnel' written by Anthony Browne and retelling the story in our own words. We will be: using direct speech to move the story on and convey character; using personification to write exciting descriptions and conjunctions to include more information and extend our sentences. 


In Maths we will be looking at place value.  We will use concrete manipulatives and pictorial representations to recap representations up to 10 million.  We will also be looking at developing a deep understanding of the four operations and will use a range of resources to support us. 


As Geographers we will be carrying out a local area study of Stockport and the surrounding area.  Using atlases, maps and digital maps we will be looking at how the geographical features of the area allowed the area to evolve and change over the last 250 years.  


As Historians we will be examining social change and reform in the 1800s.  We will develop our chronological understanding by exploring the major social changes that occurred in this century and identify the role of key individuals in promoting change.  We will use a range of primary and secondary sources to explore changes in the way people lived and worked and will use everything that we have learned to explore the question, 'The 1800's: Dark Age, Golden Age of the Age of Improvement?'   


As Scientists we will be building upon our knowledge of light.  We will use investigations and observations to discover how light travels and explain and demonstrate how we see things.  Using this knowledge we will create portable periscopes.  In Autumn 2, we will be learning about electricity.  We will continue to develop our skills as scientists and carry out investigations to explore the role of components in a circuit. 


As Computer specialists (in Computing) we will be learning about E-safety and will be thinking about what is acceptable behaviour in a collaborative workplace. We will also be: developing project planning and collaboration skills; developing research skills and creating simple surveys and interviews. 


As Artists we will be creating urban landscapes based upon the work of L.S. Lowry.  We will use his work as the inspiration for our own pieces.


In RE our question is: 'What do religions say to us when life gets hard?' The religions and worldviews that we will discuss and compare include:
Christians, Hindus, Muslims and nonreligious responses (e.g Humanists). 


As Engineers (in DT) we will be learning how to combine different fabric shapes.  We will use the skills gained through the topic to create a textile product.    


Here are some websites that you might find useful: (log in provided by class teacher) (log in provided by class teacher)


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