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  • Key concepts are revisited year on year to consolidate pupils understanding.
  • Knowledge taught builds on prior learning and is therefore more in depth.
  • Increasing complexity of subject specific language and precision is expected. A glossary is used to record this and children are constantly referring to it throughout the year.
  • Geography is taught to a high standard discretely however it is planned to complement History topics.
  • Each theme has an over-arching enquiry question, which links to the learning question for each lesson allowing children to build curiosity, ask questions and investigate answers in a variety of ways.
  • Knowledge and skills documents show precise knowledge that children will learn in each theme.
  • Children develop their knowledge and understanding using a range of sources including maps, atlases, globes, digital/ computer mapping to locate places, countries, and continents, and describe features.
  • Children take part in fieldwork in the local area and further afield to gain first hand experiences.
  • Sticky knowledge quizzes and exit tickets are used throughout topics to ensure that learning has been embedded.


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