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At Oak Tree, to support our SEND learners in 'Beliefs, Values and Worldwide Views', we have created a provision map of how all teachers and support staff can support children across the curriculum. 


We have the same high expectations for all learners, and make reasonable adjustments to ensure we enable all children in our care to aim high and achieve their best. This is achieved through allowing children to present their work in an expressive, creative and collaborative way through the use of Drama, Art, Debate and Discussion. To support our learners, we use an array of strategies, such as: staff checking in regularly to check understanding, metacognition strategies (such as sentence stems) are used to encourage independent learning and avoid cognitive overload and deployment of support staff to allow children to be utilise help and support unique to their needs.



Keeping our expectations high: teachers have the same aspirations for all students. Students are encouraged to access the same objectives as their peers and are given support by the TA/T and/or through the use of resources such as visual aids, scaffolds, prompts, vocabulary banks etc. The aim is to support the SEND pupil to be included, achieve and make progress.


Communication-friendly classrooms: This benefits all our children. The Department for Education noted that speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) is now the most prevalent area of SEND, accounting for 23 per cent of needs. The language of learning can be technical, can be specific and can be completely unintelligible to a growing number of our children with communication difficulties. We create a positive atmosphere where it is normal and accepted to share personal experiences, whilst maintaining mutual respect for each other differences, cultures, race and religion. 


Range of learning opportunities: We use a range of different technologies (both hardware and software) and a range of themes in our teaching.  We advocate the use of DEAL (Drama, Engagement and Learning) to immerse, excite and encourage the children to share and debate different philosophical viewpoints of the world. 


Use of technology: ensuring accessibility for all, engagement, multi-sensory and different ways of recording. Within a year group different software or hardware may be used to support children and help them access the learning question and objectives of the session.   



Our school community celebrates cultural diversity. Our 'Beliefs, Values and Worldviews' curriculum is planned to reflect this. Pupils are aware that there are many religions represented in Great Britain and they can develop their own views as believers or nonbelievers, while living respectfully alongside those with views and beliefs that different to their own.



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