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Christine Slater

Christine Slater (Headteacher)        


Having been in education for almost 30 years, I still have the same excitement, enthusiasm and passion I had when I started my career in London in 1988. After moving North in 1995, I joined Orrishmere Primary school as Maths Lead and Y5 teacher becoming Deputy Head in 2002 and eventually Head Teacher in 2011, before moving to Oak Tree as Head Teacher in September 2015.


I have been lucky enough to teach throughout the primary age range spending the majority of my most recent teaching in Y6. The relationship between the Head Teacher and the governing board is a crucially important one. I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with so many dedicated and talented governors throughout my teaching career and continue to do so today at Oak Tree. I am often astounded and totally grateful for the commitment, effort and time that governors give voluntarily to our school and feel that we have the firm foundations to continue to move our school forward in partnership.


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