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Children’s writing is assessed as part of the Oak Tree cycle of writing. Towards the end of the unit they complete an Independent (assessed) plan and write, utilising all of the skills they have been learning. 

This is done in all units except poetry and instructions.


The piece of work is assessed by the class teacher using the TAF (teacher assessment framework). Children are assessed on a TAF relevant to their year group, unless they are working on a different curriculum (such as those with an EHCP). The TAF contains a large number of statements, which refer to the grammar, punctuation and spelling used. 


TAFs are shared at book looks, pupil progress meeting and moderation. They are used to support teacher judgements which are shared with parents at parent meetings and in end of year reports. 


Children do termly SPAG tests (Test Base in Y1, 3, 4, & 5, SATS in Y2 & 6) and these are also used to inform teacher judgements and spot areas for development. 


At the time of data drops staff are encouraged to moderate within their year group to ensure that assessments are accurate. During the year we have whole school moderation sessions and we also work alongside other schools to moderate examples of work, especially in years 2 and 6. Staff all have access to example moderated pieces of work and the FOCUS learning moderation materials to support this.



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