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In English we will be exploring several genres this term. We will be finishing and publishing our narratives based upon a pickpocket from the book we have studied in class - The Promise. After this, we will delve into some non-fiction writing and we will be writing explanation texts linked to our visit to The Training and Safety Centre - the largest Fire-Fighter training facility in the UK. We will finish the spring term by writing a mystery narrative in an imaginary world, using 'Amari and the Night Brothers' as our focus text. Alongside our writing, we will continue to practise our statutory spellings on a weekly basis as well as studying a broad range of grammar and punctuation objectives that will enhance our writing skills further. 


In Maths we will continue to build on our fraction knowledge and skills and make connections with decimals and percentages. We will calculate and solve problems involving decimal numbers and convert fractions to decimals. We will also calculate percentages of numbers and then progress to ordering fractions, decimals and percentages.  


As Geographers we will be mapping the major mountain ranges of the world and will explore how mountains are formed.  The lessons will concentrate on the formation of fold mountains, fault block mountains and dome mountains.  We will discuss how the structure of the earth causes the earth's plates to constantly move and how this leads to the formation of mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes.


As Historians we will be discussing whether the 19th Century could be known as the 'age of improvement'.  We will discuss how the geographical landscape of Stockport allowed Stockport to evolve and understand how many industries came to thrive here.  We will investigate the lives of two significant individuals who impacted life in Stockport: Samuel Oldknow and Joseph Whitworth.


As Scientists we will be completing our unit on light and will design and create portable periscopes. We will then begin our unit on electricity where we will continue to develop our skills as scientists and carry out investigations to explore the role of components in a circuit.


As Computer Specialists (in Computing) we will be using Scratch to program BBC micro:bits to help us design, program and plan a toy. We will learn about different electronic toys, design an electronic toy and how to program a micro:bit to act as a controller for the toy.


As Artists we will be focusing on the work of L.S. Lowry.  We will explore the use of colour and then practise using a horizon, focal point and perspective to draw three dimensional buildings.  We will then use the work of LS Lowry to plan and create our own pieces.


In RE our question is: 'Is it better to express your religion in arts and

architecture or in charity and generosity?' We will notice, list and explain similarities and differences between Christian and Muslim sacred buildings; discuss Muslim and Christian ideas about the importance of being generous and charitable; compare Christian and Muslim ideas about art (e.g. contrasting views on presenting or not presenting God or people in art). Finally, we will discuss and and weigh up which has greater impact – art or charity?


As Engineers (in DT) we will be creating a model car that incorporates an electrical system.  We will apply our understanding of computing to program, monitor and control our products using a BBC Micro-Bit.  We will also examine how a cam can be added to our designs.


In PSHE we will be learning about physical and mental health and how we can look after them and how to balance the time spent online in order to maintain positive mental health. We will also be learning about how to protect personal information online and and how to to identify potential risks of personal information being misused. 



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