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Multiskills Y1-6

Our multi-skills club is run by our Sports Coaches and enables our children to practise lots of different sporting skills, including throwing, catching and jumping, in a variety of different sports. Multi-sports runs on a Thursday after school and there is a club for Y1/2 and one for Y3-6.

Here is a quick summary of the benefits of taking part in multi-skills: 


1. Increases long-term participation in sport

Making children aware of the many different physical requirements of playing sports and physical activity may lead them to take responsibility for their own physical development and preparation as they get older.


2. Transfers abilities to other sports 

Physical skills, decision-making ability and other positive attributes can be developed through multi-skills coaching and can be used if, or when, children transfer to another sport. Many young children don’t know what sport they like best or what they want to do. Providing young children with a solid foundation in movement skills will help them transfer their abilities to other sports in the future.


3. Improves sporting performance

Improved fundamentals of movement such as running mechanics, quicker direction changes and a more stable base will improve performance in almost any sport in the long-run. Multi-skills sessions can develop flexibility, core stability, strength, stamina, power and speed and  provide all-round physical conditioning.


4. Develops valuable life skills

Problem-solving, communication, team working and working independently are highly valued attributes in sport and life in general. 


5. Improves academic performance

Many studies have found that  varied physical activity can improve attention span and concentration, classroom behaviour and achievement test scores.


6. Inclusion: Everyone can be involved

Multi-skills activities help to ensure that there is an opportunity for less-dominant players to achieve success. In particular, many balance and coordination activities don’t include  racing an opponent or being tackled so can allow a children time to develop their movement skills.


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